How to Turn the Balcony into a Garden

How to Turn the Balcony into a Garden

The balcony space can be of a great use and to be properly acquired, only with the help of some imagination and an eagerness. Instead of considering it as a useless space, you could turn it into a great place for relaxation. Living into a small apartment could be stressful, however it you have your little run-away corner, it could change your prospective drastically. The balcony is the best place at home you could turn into your small heaven, as it is extremely appropriate for placing potted plants, vintage chairs or pices of furniture and other nice items you are able to decorate around the balcony. Depending on the shape and the size of your balcony, you are able to place different shelves with a variety of small and larger pots with flowers grown it them all around the space. If you do not have enough space of shelves, you are able to put a flower-stand in the corner of the balcony or hang up different hanging pot. This will ensure that you would have a direct glance to all of your plants if they are based on different levels. The following tips are provided by Cleaning Maids.

When you decorate your balcony you should take into consideration that all of the collors must match and the style of the different objects must be synchronized.

You should also think and choose carefully the plants you are about to use for decoration, by taking into consideration the amount of sunlight on your balcony during the day.

The shady balcony is more complicated for decorating, especially if it is on the northern side of the building. You wouldn’t see many sunny days and warmth on such a balcony. None of our favourite summer flowers would bloom in such condition. If the shadow is combined with windy weather, this will ensure even more complicated growing plants conditions, as the wind might damage the fragile stalks. You should not loose hope, as there are many different flowers that could still survive difficult weather conditions, you should just ask for professional advice and to choose the plants according to the specifics of your balcony.

If you are thinking that the south located balconies are perfect solution, you are actually wrong. The sought located balconies are usually the most problematic for the plants. The whole day the pots are in the sun and the soil is drying out really quickly and the plants are literally burning down in the heath. It is really complicated to deal with such a situation. Still the nature has a solution for such conditions as well. There are different plants that are heat resistant and are suitable for sunny balconies. Still it will be your responsibility to help them survive and bloom, by watering them frequently.

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