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Useful tips: How to paint the metal roof

Useful tips How to paint the metal roof

The painting of metal roofs – is a very time-consuming and unsafe process. Therefore, you need to come to the choice of paint very seriously.
Quality good paint coating of the metal roofs will extend the life of the roof and postpone repainting for a long time.

Work on the painting of the metal roofs must be carried out in dry, calm and cool weather. Best suited for such work the late spring or early fall. You also need to take care of security. To do this, choose shoes with rubber or felt sole. Shoes should not slip and leave scratches on the metal. Work at height must be carried out with the use of a safety belt or rope.

For the work on the painting of the metal roofs it is necessary to prepare the following tools:

  • Ladder or scaffolding.
  • Personal protective equipment (gloves, dust mask).
  • Brushes with synthetic bristles to clean dust and dirt.
  • Brush with metal teeth to clean the rust.
  • Sandpaper or mesh.
  • Holder for sandpaper.
  • Brushes 75-200 mm.
  • Roller 250 mm.
  • Mixer for mixing paint.

Surface preparation

You can not paint the metal roofs without pre-treatment. A thorough pre-treatment of metal roofs will increase the adhesion of paint and ensure reliability and durability of the surface.
If the metal roof is new, then you just need to dedust the surface by wiping it with a slightly damp cloth. In the case where the metal roof is not new and quite worn out, you must carefully clean the surface from dirt, dust, rust, and replace all rusted steel sheets. Check the condition of drain pipes and gutters.

If necessary, replace gutters. Remove rust with a special brush with metal teeth or rust converter. Old and peeling paint can be handled with the help of special washer, and then remove with a spatula. If the surface is treated with rust converter, you should use rubber gloves and safety glasses.
Then you can begin the painting after 4-5 days. Remember that metal roofs can be subjected to rust from the inside that is from the attic. To prevent rust on the metal side of the attic, it must also be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for painting, then paint over.

Painting of metal roofs

Most often, to paint the roof from the black metal are used the oil paints or alkyd enamel which have high weather resistance. But we must not forget that before painting the roof with such paints, the surface must be primed. For priming the metal roofs a special anti-corrosive primer is used. Primer is applied with a brush to the cleaned and degreased surface in a single layer.

Then apply 2 coats of finish. In order to save time and do not cover the roof of the ground, you can buy special paints for metal. They combine the properties of corrosion-resistant primer, decorative enamel and rust converter. Therefore, applied directly to rust. These paints are highly resistant to water, temperature variations and exposure to UV rays.

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