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Bay Window Shutters vs Curtains – Which is Better for My Home?

Bay Window Shutters vs Curtains – Which is Better for My Home

This can be best resolved by the homeowner by looking into the advantages and shortfalls of each product and knowing what the choice entails. Here we take a quick look at shutters and curtains and attempt to draw a clearer picture outlining what to expect.

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Curtains are available in wide variety of colors, textures, designs and fabrics to suit every possible decor. Curtains are effective at blocking out light, when closed. They can be washed, and patched, if torn. It is easy to open windows when the curtains are open, offering a full view to the outside. Curtains have always been traditional window treatment, personalized to suit the overall decor. Curtains are required to be at least one and half times the length of the windows, to be effective, and must be closed for insulation from outside temperature. The height of the curtains is a personal choice, but remember that full floor length curtains, starting a couple of inches below the ceiling and reaching up to a couple of inches from the floor, radiate the best ambience in any room.

Curtains are expensive. The soft jazzy look and near total blackout are perhaps the only advantages that curtains offer. When drawn for privacy, they also choke most of the light and breeze entering the room. Curtain fabrics attract dirt and have to be washed on a regular basis (often at a dry cleaner’s). They are subject to wear and tear and eventually fade out due to exposure to sun’s UV rays. With timely maintenance, most curtains can be expected to last around 5 to 8 years. Be aware, many curtain systems incorporate cords, which must be kept out of reach of young kids.


Window shutters have evolved over the past few years to become one of the most sought after choices in window treatments. They offer a rustic and timeless addition to your home that showcases character. Traditional shutters are typically solid wood, equipped with adjustable slats that can control the amount of light entering the room. They offer excellent control over sunlight, breeze, openness and view. When fully closed it will effectively darken the room while also providing insulation against temperatures outside. They can also be partially opened from up or down, allowing light, as required.

Shutters can be fitted from the outside or inside. The slats or vanes can be fully closed to effectively darken the room–a prime requisite for a good night’s sleep, while also providing total privacy and security. Shutters these days are available in wood, faux wood, mirrored wood, other fine wood, pre-finished resins or PVC. Shutters have always been expensive among traditional window dressings, requiring lesser maintenance as its solid nature lends itself to cleaning easily. Shutters will last you a very long time as compared to curtains, blinds or shades.

There is nothing stopping you from having both on the same window ensuring terrific insulation and depending on how tailored you want your space to be.

Shutters or curtains? Both are effective and practical. There is not much difference in the prices of both, especially if one opts for good fabric in curtains. The choice ultimately is upto the homeowner.

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