5 Reasons Why you Might Need an Emergency Plumber

5 Reasons Why you Might Need an Emergency Plumber

If there is one number you need to store in your smartphone memory, it has to be the emergency plumber. Of course, it is hoped you will never have to make a call in the middle of the night, but if the worst happens and you suffer a burst water pipe during the early hours of the morning, time is of the essence. Emergency plumbers offer identical services to a regular plumber, but they are on call 24/7, and there are times when you simply cannot delay the repairs. If you have yet to find yourself needing to call out a plumber in an emergency situation, here are just a few of the reasons it might happen.

Ruptured Piping – Although modern water piping is non-corrosive, if your home is old, a pipe could rupture at any moment, and this is certainly the time to call in an emergency plumber. The very first thing would be to turn off the water supply, and then make the call to the tradesman, who will hopefully arrive within the hour. If you happen to live in Essex, First Call emergency plumbers would be the people to call, and with round the clock service and reasonable prices, your plumbing issue will soon be rectified.

Blocked Toilets – This is definitely an emergency situation, and after you call the blocked drain plumber in Gold Coast Queensland, clear the area around the toilet, as this will help the plumber when he arrives. The modern plumber has an array of specialist tools that help him to deal with any situation, and he would soon clear the blockage.”

Clogged Up Drains – The amount of stuff that we allow to go down the kitchen plug hole can really cause a serious blockage. Food leftovers and other semi solids should be filtered and removed, as this is usually behind the blockage, and a skilled emergency plumber would soon have it unblocked.

Undetected Leak – A concealed pipe might cause wet patches to appear on the wall, and if you happen to notice any damp areas, you should call out the emergency plumber, as water is leaking from somewhere and the longer this continues, the more damage it can cause. Modern plumbers have a high technology leak detection system, which can pinpoint a leak without having to remove plaster or floor boards.

Tap Replacement – It has been known for a tap to break, and could cause a sudden onslaught of pressurised water to spurt out, depending on the exact location of the break. If there is no water escaping, you can leave it until regular working hours, otherwise you should make the call, whatever the time of day.

Emergency plumbers need to provide a rapid response, and with reasonable charges and a high standard of work, your local plumber would be the person to contact. These guys are used to dealing with emergencies, and if you give the right information when you make the call, the plumber will be prepared.

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