The advantages of dry cleaning methods for floor coverings

The advantages of dry cleaning methods for floor coverings

Let`s begin with the most common and famous method – vacuuming. It is as good for preparing the floor coverings for deep cleaning, as for a regular home cleaning every week or so. The ease of the activities with a vacuuming machine is the main advantage, while the effect is quite considerable compared to spot cleaning with a brush, tapping with the sticky part of a packaging tape, etc. It`s just the best and quickest way to get rid of the bigger dirt particles that are stuck deep into the fibers of carpets, rugs and other fabric coverings. From food crumbs to sand, grit, dust and pet hair – you can easily keep your floorings` clean outlook or to prepare them for a further cleansing. Another great advantage of the vacuuming machine is that you can easily enhance the cleaning power by changing the vacuum cleaner bag with a new one. It reduces the spread of dust and unhealthy bacteria and it ensures fluffier fibers onto the carpet surfaces. The third great advantages is that you can use the vacuuming machine for a vast array of other applications – for objects and surfaces like curtains, sofas and furnishings with fabric upholstery, cotton pillows, blankets, mattresses, etc. It`s just important to change the vacuum cleaner nozzle with the right one for the specific surface or to electronically reduce the vacuuming power.

Or else, let`s take the simplest method for spot cleaning – the dry brush treatment. An old toothbrush or a grooming brush are often truly useful items to deal with unexpected spills of food crumbs or other dry particles. Simply brush out the excess from the carpet surface until the fine particles are not stuck into the base of the carpet fibers. Yet the advantage of the spot brush treatment is applicable only for small spills and dry dirt particles.

The third main opt features the dry foam applicators as one of the best ways for deep cleaning carpets and rugs in Bromley. The dry foams provide the greatest cleansing effect when applied by the rotating head of the machine, which one acts as a vacuuming machine and two – it cleans via dissolvent power of the dry foam that penetrates deep into the fibers. This method is used mostly for carpets with short fibers and the great advantage is that you can use the carpet immediately after the cleansing. There are no wet traces left nor an annoying waiting time for drying. Thanks to the heat, the dry foaming effect also acts as a sanitizing agent, which prevents the spread of unhealthy bacteria, germs and pollens. This is especially essential if you have pets at home like cats and dogs, and you let them to play onto the carpets. This method has another great advantage – there is no risk of breathing volatile chemical compounds, compared to a machine that cleans with hot water or steam mixed with a powerful detergent solution. On the other hand, the considerably lower temperature of the dry foams eliminates the chance to shrink the delicate fibers or to appear other unwanted effects. A dry foam machine for carpet cleaning is the perfect choice if your rugs are hand-made, Oriental, vintage, antique or naturally colored. The hand-knotted rugs and carpets are also very sensitive to the heat and therefore a the dry foaming method should always be high on the list when it`s time for the house cleaning.

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