Summer Plumbing Problems

Summer Plumbing Problems

We all know that winter means checking our pipes for leaks, problems with freezing and occasional drainage issues – but what problems does summer bring for your plumbing? Here are our top tips to get your plumbing summer ready.

Check your appliances; your washing machine and dishwasher will be working overtime for the next few weeks – not only for those holiday clothes but more regular changes from fun outdoors, and the kids being home all day rather than at school, means your washer will be on more often – and all those extra meals and snacks at home add up to more dishes than usual!

Check the outlet pipes for bulges, wear and tear and make sure they’re sealed properly. Take a peek at the water pipes and check there are no worn areas or drips. Now is also a very good time to descale and clean the appliances, and to clear out the filters, making sure you’ll get the best from you appliances and keeping them going for longer.

It’s also sensible to take advantage of breaks in the rain and check your hoses and outdoor taps. While you might give them some added protection over winter to stop them freezing up and bursting pipes, now is a great time to check your taps and hosepipes/sprinkler systems for leaks and damage. Fixing them now whilst the sun shines is a lot nicer a job than doing it in the rains and snows later in the year! If you do have a sprinkler system, particularly in an area with lime scale problems, check the mechanisms are working properly and there are no blockages.

After the spring growth it’s wise to check your drains to make sure no roots have pushed their way through and caused damage, and pop up a ladder to check your gutters for leaves, nests or growth that might cause problems later.

Now is also the best time to make sure there are no issues with your heating system. Boilers breaking in the summer is inconvenient, but far better than having a problem mid-winter, so have your boiler checked and, if necessary, bleed your radiators to ensure you’re getting the best from your system when summer comes to an end – which, as we all know, is often all too soon!

Speaking of summer and heating – if you’re going away for a break be sure to turn down your water heater whilst you’re gone – this will keep your system in good order, unlike switching everything off completely, but will save you those all-important pounds while you’re gone.

It’s always better to check the basics and do some routine maintenance yourself before problems arise, but if you do have concerns and are looking for a plumber Doncaster firms have plenty of ways to help you.

Whether it’s servicing or repairs, installing whole new systems or helping you to get the best out of the system you already have now is the time to look at those jobs and make sure that your plumbing is running perfectly.

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