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Roofing Materials you need to Know About

Roofing Materials you need to Know About

The roof is the home’s total protector. When you are at the stage of deciding which type of roofing system to opt for, then it is very useful for you to know the which type of materials best suit your needs and budget. Most roofing contractors in plymouth Michigan can give their suggestions on this matter but it also pays to read through this article for you to know what you options can offer:

Questions to Ask before Buying a Roof System

The following questions are formulated specifically to guide every homeowner in select in the decision process:

  • How long can the roof last? – you will always be willing to spend for the best and this should be compensated by the fact that the roof can protect you for more than two decades given regular maintenance.
  • How much will it cost? – Budget is a huge consideration so you need to know how much the materials will cost along with the installation and maintenance procedures.
  • Will the materials suit the existing roof framing?
  • Will these be susceptible to environmental factors like wind, weather and constant temperature change?
  • Is the roof characterized with a slope?

Materials to Choose From

  • Asphalt Shingles – These are made of paper fiber mat and fiberglass which are known to battle better wind and cold weather. These are the most popular among 80 percent of consumers within the residential market. More often, they are affordable and yet not very durable as can be used on steeper slopes.
  • Metal – Metal roofing’s are more resistant to wind and can last longer as compared to asphalt shingles. They can be made out of zinc alloy, copper, aluminum and steel. Metal roofs can be from out of recycled materials and can absorb lesser heat as compared to asphalt.
  • Clay tiles – Those roofing contractors in plymouth Michigan suggests clay tiles if you want something that is excellent when it comes to fire. However, clay tiles has very low resistance to wind and can be very expensive.
  • Concrete tiles – These are made up of mixture of sand and cement that contributes to their durability. If you want something that requires low maintenance, then opt for roof tiles made of clay.
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