How Do You Get The Perfect Garden Shed?

How Do You Get The Perfect Garden Shed

When you have a garden, it is almost a must to have a garden shed. The reason to get garden sheds is to store the tools and the equipment you need to take care of and maintain your garden.

When you are constructing a garden shed there are a number of factors you need to consider. These factors include the kind of shed doors which you want to have, the roof you want to construct for the shed, the materials you want to construct the shed of, the use and choice of the shed.

As there are so many types of garden sheds with varying features, the right one needs to be selected. If it is made of good quality timber, it will last for a very long time. Cheap timber may be cheap upfront but as it is outside the longevity will decrease faster than if it was used for constructing something indoors. If chipboard is used or cheap plywood or wafer boards, then when it gets wet, it will start disintegrating.

When you are having the shed assembled and delivered, you would want to know if the cost of the shed includes assembly and delivery or if it doesn’t. The same goes for guarantees and warranties. Most of the garden sheds come with a 10-year warranty but some of the companies do have restrictive conditions attached and so the warranty does not hold good in most conditions.

Plastic and metal garden sheds

If you would rather go in for plastic sheds, these are maintenance free and easily fit well. They are also easy to dismantle and take them with you when you are moving places. However, the looks leave a lot to be desired.

Metal sheds do not rot or burn but assembling them can be tricky and also in cold climates, condensation does tend to drip from the roof. In such cases, the storage inside can be affected. The best part though of these metal sheds is that they can come with sliding doors and this is helpful when you are carting bulky items as the doors will not blow shut.

Feel of the garden shed

The shed should not feel flimsy. If it does, the roof will sag and the sides will get distorted in time as well as the door will not shut properly. You can check how sturdy the shed is by jumping on the floor inside the shed or pushing against either the roof or the side panels. If it is sturdy, you should be able to feel a resistance and it should not flex. In case you are choosing wooden timbers which support the roof, these should not have dark edge knots. It they do, they will fall out after some time.

When choosing a shed you should choose one that does not leak at all. The roof should therefore hang over the sides by at least 2 inches at the sides and at least 3 inches at the back and the front. This should be measured from the inside edge of the roof and not the outside edge of the roof.

The windows too should have sloping sills and this should be fitted with drip groove as the water can drip to the ground. If the shed has gaps and allow you to see light from any place other than the windows, it means that it will let the rain water in too.

Finally, the access of garden shed should be such that you will not trip over the threshold or you will not bang your head against the doorway. The doors should be wide so that you can carry large items without a problem.

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